About Partnerwise


Partnerwise SA is a Swiss joint venture between EPwise AG and Sponsorium International Inc. created with the aim of offering leading digital solutions to Swiss customers looking for the optimization of processes, portfolios, and time savings.


Partnerwise SA’s vision is clear: to offer innovative partnership and grant management solutions, while maximizing the value of investments for companies and organizations in Switzerland.


Through PartnerMind, Partnerwise SA offers a complete range of services, from identifying potential partners to in-depth analysis of the impact of partnerships.


The creation of Partnerwise SA demonstrates the commitment of EPwise AG and Sponsorium International Inc. to invest in strategic initiatives to meet the growing needs of the global partnership management market. By combining their skills and resources, both companies are confident that they can deliver exceptional value to their customers.


The Partnerwise Team

Board of Directors

Joel Gardet

Sebastian Chiappero

Chairman of the Board 

 Paul Pednault

Member of the Board

Guy Bureau



Thomas Bercin

Sven Oetzbach

Customer Success

Marta Kropielnicka

Marcus Hauf

Karina Ruffo

Étienne Brousseau

Head office

Partnerwise SA
Conseil-Général street, 6
CH – 1205 Geneva
+41 22 596 75 31